HISTORY LESSON FOR THE CLUELESS WONDERS: The democrat party has always been the party of racism, so why do most blacks still vote democrat?

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Black Indoctrination, Black Poverty, Liberal Racism

Do black Americans ever ask themselves why those white liberals at Planned Parenthood really LOVE encouraging free abortions to black women, which result in millions of black babies (future burdens to society) being killed? Do you really believe it’s a ‘choice’ issue? Liberals are all about choice right? When it comes to owning guns, practicing religion, denying the fraudulent science and proven propaganda of global warming, opposing gay marriage, supporting school choice, forced unionization etc…liberals aren’t about choice when it comes to those important issues. It’s ‘their way or the highway.’ Because liberals are best described as ‘hypocrites.’

Black folks better wake up and realize that the democratic party is not only the party of racism, but the party of divisiveness, corruption, oppression, wasteful spending, demagoguery, and indoctrination of our kids.

‘Strong blacks oppose the progressive movement, weak ones obey.’


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