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Wouldn’t it be nice to see two REAL black men occupying the white house in 2016? Allen West and Ben Carson are intelligent, articulate and honorable men, unlike our current president who uses his skin color to ‘pretend’ he’s black and has his mostly white staff and friends in the media play the race card for him on a daily basis to protect him from any criticism. As Obama continues to steal from future generations, confiscate our income, divide our country and strip our liberties, while many black folks just sit by and drool and faint at the president who insults the very little intelligence they have.

Then you have two men like Allen West and Ben Carson, who not only would be the first black President and Vice President in America, they would go down in history as one of the greatest tickets in history. Without a doubt, these two men would fix so many of the problems we face, not only in the black community, but for ALL Americans.

‘Carson/West 2016’ has a nice ring to it. These two together would work together and actually fix all of the problems the democrats created, not just ‘talk’ about it. From helping and creating more small businesses, lowering the unemployment rate, reducing record high poverty and government dependency, curb wasteful spending, fix crumbling roads and bridges, improve poor public education in the inner cities, reduce skyrocketing crime and incarceration rates for young black men, reduce record high abortion rates for black women, bring the country together and end the political correctness that keeps us from having honest discussions on the issues. And finally, let’s stop attacking religion and funding/promoting the biggest scam in world history, “climate change.” (formerly global warming) which has been easily proven a massive fraud and manufactured crisis.

‘If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re beyond help.’