Listen to Barbara Boxer talk down to Harry Alford from the Black Chamber of Commerce. Boxer represents hundreds of the elite white liberals who CONTROL the democratic party. Why in the world do black folks keep supporting these racist, corrupt poverty creators who only want to keep blacks poor, indoctrinated, uneducated, and who use ‘manufactured’ racism to keep blacks in line? Please….WTFU!

Here’s another tattooed skank liberal who must have been a black woman in her prior life right? Listen to Janeane Garofalo act like she knows what’s better for blacks than we do. She thinks blacks are too stupid to make their own decisions, so they should listen to her.

The left launched all sorts of racial attacks at Michael Steele when he was Lt. Governor of Maryland including throwing Oreo cookies at him. They also illegally obtained his credit report and released it to the public. points out that, “Not only has Garofalo admitted to hating herself in interviews, she actually named her production company ‘I Hate Myself’. Pot meet kettle. Garofalo’s a ‘poster child’ liberal.

The left has been doing this for years, remember Clarence Thomas? Watch the dumbest Vice President in U.S history, Joe Biden’s behavior towards Clarence Thomas. Many blacks were trained like dogs to dislike Thomas and fell for the demagoguery by the liberals back then and even now. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. It’s disgusting…

‘Oh yes, Justice Thomas is such an Uncle Tom right?’ Most who call him that don’t even know what a real uncle Tom is. Of course ignorant people will side with a disturbed white trash actress over a real black man who sits on the Supreme Court. And we wonder why we lead the United States in ‘stupid.’


We could use a good man like Ben Carson to run for President in 2016. Millions of Americans already support him, and If he wins, he will be America’s first black President.

(Sorry Obama supporters, Obama is not ‘black’ nor is he the first black President. In fact, he’s not even the first biracial President)

We know that the police are not going to get there in time, they only arrive to investigate who killed you and to assign a detective to find out who did it. Having a gun eliminates that entire scenario.

Notice the racist remark made by Piers Morgan to the black sheriff about his voice and accent, as if being a black man he should have some ‘jive’ talking ebonics voice instead of a well articulated one. Why do blacks side with all these white racist liberals like Morgan, Schultz, Matthews, Maddow etc….are we crazy?!?

Would Piers Morgan criticize Obama’s stuttering voice and sounding ‘white’ when he speaks? (Unless Obama is in front of blacks, then the con artist puts on his fake rehearsed accent which is worse than Hillary’s)

Most law-abiding black Americans believe in the right to own a firearm. These liberals do not like the facts that shoot down their every ridiculous proposal. This intelligent black sheriff should be admired for speaking out and fighting the liberal agenda.

Here’s Lt. Col. West’s speech that went viral on YouTube:

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