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We all know that Barack Obama is intentionally destroying the country with the help of the ‘Cloward and Piven’ strategy and his communist beliefs, including the ones who still support Obama. Those people will never understand why they still represent the dumbest voting block in America. The smart voting blocks would support a man like Dr. Ben Carson.


The sudden awakening of ‘Low Information Voters’ could be attributable to several recent events; one such event would be the Rand Paul filibuster, combined with the over-the-board fear-mongering on the Sequester. Even the media ‘group think’ geniuses are faced with damage control and pushing an odd meme that Obama is on a ‘Charm Offensive.’ Is it just me, or are those two words contradictory?

A Rush Limbaugh caller on the March 13, 2013 show offers further insights into this trend.

A black Rush Limbaugh listener called in and admitted he converted to conservatism thanks to Barack Obama.

“There’s something sinister about Obama.”


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    Bonus VIDEO of Williams exposing elitist liberal Maxine Waters, the most disgusting black woman ‘sellout’ in congress next to Sheila Jackson Lee. (Maxine Waters, a voter fraud specialist, also used YOUR tax dollars to bail out her husbands bank. What did you get, a SNAP card?)

    If the ‘90%er’s’ had the spine and intelligence of Elmer Williams, blacks wouldn’t be labeled the ‘ignorant voting class.’ If we spent more time educating ourselves, staying informed and not being encouraged by phonies like Jamie Foxx or NBC, we wouldn’t be leading the nation in dropout rates, incarceration rates, poverty rates, unemployment, government dependency, abortion, and teen pregnancy rates. Barack Obama and ‘hope and change’ is only increasing those rates as he advances the race and victim card. Keep riding dirty on the backs of those liberals and it will keep us right where they want us; voting democrat and acting stupid.

CL Bryant is a former democratic radical, former NAACP Chapter President, current Tea Party leader and eternal freedom fighter. I have journeyed the new Underground Railroad to escape from the Progressive plantations of the government masters, the eyes of liberal overseers and the whips of conformity. I am the Runaway Slave!

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If you’re one of those people who buy into the attacks of these intelligent, successful black conservative heroes by the white and black liberals in the media, than you are just as ignorant as they are…

Every black family needs to sit down and watch this movie!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see two REAL black men occupying the white house in 2016? Allen West and Ben Carson are intelligent, articulate and honorable men, unlike our current president who uses his skin color to ‘pretend’ he’s black and has his mostly white staff and friends in the media play the race card for him on a daily basis to protect him from any criticism. As Obama continues to steal from future generations, confiscate our income, divide our country and strip our liberties, while many black folks just sit by and drool and faint at the president who insults the very little intelligence they have.

Then you have two men like Allen West and Ben Carson, who not only would be the first black President and Vice President in America, they would go down in history as one of the greatest tickets in history. Without a doubt, these two men would fix so many of the problems we face, not only in the black community, but for ALL Americans.

‘Carson/West 2016’ has a nice ring to it. These two together would work together and actually fix all of the problems the democrats created, not just ‘talk’ about it. From helping and creating more small businesses, lowering the unemployment rate, reducing record high poverty and government dependency, curb wasteful spending, fix crumbling roads and bridges, improve poor public education in the inner cities, reduce skyrocketing crime and incarceration rates for young black men, reduce record high abortion rates for black women, bring the country together and end the political correctness that keeps us from having honest discussions on the issues. And finally, let’s stop attacking religion and funding/promoting the biggest scam in world history, “climate change.” (formerly global warming) which has been easily proven a massive fraud and manufactured crisis.

‘If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re beyond help.’

Sheriffs all over the country are taking stands, from small counties in America to large ones, against the current domestic terrorists attacking the Constitution in Washington, D.C. We’ve covered several of these courageous men who have championed the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment rights of the people protected in it. Four sheriffs sat down with Glenn Beck, which he referred to as the “bravest sheriffs in all of America,” and they spoke about their stand against an ever growing Federal government and its threats of tyranny. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke confirmed what all of sheriffs were there to affirm and that is they would defend the Constitution “tooth and nail.”

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We know that the police are not going to get there in time, they only arrive to investigate who killed you and to assign a detective to find out who did it. Having a gun eliminates that entire scenario.

Notice the racist remark made by Piers Morgan to the black sheriff about his voice and accent, as if being a black man he should have some ‘jive’ talking ebonics voice instead of a well articulated one. Why do blacks side with all these white racist liberals like Morgan, Schultz, Matthews, Maddow etc….are we crazy?!?

Would Piers Morgan criticize Obama’s stuttering voice and sounding ‘white’ when he speaks? (Unless Obama is in front of blacks, then the con artist puts on his fake rehearsed accent which is worse than Hillary’s)

Most law-abiding black Americans believe in the right to own a firearm. These liberals do not like the facts that shoot down their every ridiculous proposal. This intelligent black sheriff should be admired for speaking out and fighting the liberal agenda.

Some black democrats are trained like dogs to hate Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson because he doesn’t blame or hate white people for the problems in the black community, he doesn’t get an erection at the sight of Obama, and because he tells it like it is. Bill Cosby was also hated by black liberals for a similar reason.

Listen to Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson at the 1:18 mark. Peterson’s percentage of ‘racist blacks for Obama’ may be off by a bit, but don’t let that distract you from his message. Listen to him in this video above in 2009 predicting that any criticism against Obama would be deemed as ‘racist.’ (See Chris Matthews and Bill Maher to name a few who make that claim only to curry favor with black folks, not because they really believe it) We are now seeing overwhelming evidence that Rev. Peterson’s statements, which were criticized at the time were dead on accurate. When blacks like Professor Cornel West and Tavis Smiley criticize the President, the liberals in the media don’t consider it racist, but when white people criticize the ‘half white’ President, it is? They criticize Obama for his lies, corruption, irresponsible spending, his far left agenda, his ‘gaying’ of America, his refusal to work with congress and his divisiveness, and they’re called racists?!? Only an idiot would believe that!

Isn’t it conservatives who wanted not one, but two REAL black men to run for President in 2012? (Allen West, Herman Cain) Wasn’t it the white LIBERALS in the media that LIED and attacked those two black men, causing Cain the frontrunner to drop out of the race? (Yes) Wasn’t it white liberals like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who lied, attacked, used voter fraud and spent millions to defeat and replace Congressman Allen West with a fresh new white guy? Where was the outrage from blacks and where were they? Drooling over Obama’s picture? Isn’t it these mostly white conservatives who are now behind a REAL black man named Ben Carson to run in 2016? (Yes) Isn’t it republicans and conservatives who often criticize progressive trolls like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, Joe Biden, Barbera Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and other white liberals for the same EXACT reasons they criticize Obama. Explain that racism!

Peterson also made an excellent point when he stated that if you wanted to see what real socialism looks like, go to all inner cities in America turned ghettos and you will see socialism. (Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Camden, Newark, Memphis, New Orleans to name a few) Again, Peterson was right…

Rev. Peterson is still hated by many of the black liberals who have ‘man crushes’ on Obama simply because Peterson ‘tells it like it is’ and refuses to remain on the democratic plantation where the democrats want their soldiers and slaves to ‘stay put or else.’ Peterson is a brutally honest man, which is better than a con artist, and he is only trying to warn black democrats to wake up and get their act together. Hardly a man who ‘hates’ himself. He’s only trying to warn them of the destruction that the democrat party and Obama have done in the past, and will continue to do to many blacks in the future. How much more evidence do people need?

We can no longer buy into the hateful attacks by liberals who only name call and criticize Peterson because they don’t want you to be influenced by his truthful message. Why do so many people allow their intelligence to be insulted by predators in the media who think they’re so much smarter than ‘you people,’ as if we’re a bunch of idiots who can’t think for ourselves? Examples of the people who are haters of Rev. Peterson are Georgetown Professor (dog trainer is more like it) Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC’s ‘house negro’ Eugene Robinson and CNN’s Roland Martin, who are all embarrassments and sellouts. Without the white liberals who OWN the democratic party, the NAACP, the media etc…these self-loathing black men would have unsuccessful careers and less money in their bank accounts. Without manufactured racism, hate, division, poverty, or ‘oppression studies’ at liberal universities, con artists like Professor Michael Dyson would be collecting unemployment or working as a counselor in the prison where his brother is serving life for killing another black man. (So admirable)

Why are so many people influenced by the propaganda and attacks on people like Jesse Lee Peterson, a man who only wants to eradicate real racism?

The bottom line is that Jesse Lee Peterson is attacked because he’s not angry at white people for the problems in the black community and he addresses the double standard when it comes to racism. That’s just wrong and it’s ignorant. Remember, the LEFT’s major goal is to keep us ALL divided, they have an agenda for it, just pay attention to Barack Obama and other democrats when they speak. We can’t continue buying in to this garbage!

Let’s just compare Jesse Lee Peterson to Barack Hussein Obama, the President who is loved by millions even though it’s a proven FACT that Obama is extremely corrupt, very arrogant, a pathological liar, a poverty creator who kills jobs and has been nothing but a proven failure. Why are we teaching our kids to idolize and look up to someone with that record?

Why do we keep calling Obama, the bi-racial President, ‘black’ when he isn’t? Obama is mostly white, with Kenyan and Arabic, and he is not the first ‘black’ President. (And neither is Bill Clinton) Barack Obama is not even the first ‘bi-racial’ President (Eisenhower and Harding)

Most people know that Barack Obama ‘pretends’ and rehearses being black, just ask former black panther and master idiot Rep. Bobby Rush from Chicago who cleaned Obama’s clock with 88% of the vote when Obama tried to take Rush’s seat. Barack Obama is a self-loathing, yet privileged elitist, Marxist con artist who attended private schools and Ivy league institutions his entire life and idolized people like radical community organizer Saul Alinski and communist Frank Marshall Davis. Obama couldn’t relate to the black community if you locked him in the projects of Chicago for ten years. We know nothing else about his past other than his SS # is fraudulent, he changed his name twice and won’t dare have his college records released. Doesn’t anyone find that odd?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and his organization BOND Action does more for blacks than Obama’s failure of ‘redistribution of wealth’ could ever do. Black folks need to wake up and realize they are being conned, oppressed, used, and intentionally ‘dumbed down’ through public education and the media by the very same people who claim they represent them. BS..

In the video below, watch and listen to the ignorance and denial by Roland Martin and Molly Secours compared to Jesse Lee Peterson and James Edwards.

Here’s Lt. Col. West’s speech that went viral on YouTube:

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